July 15, 2008

How They Came Upon Me

I just L.O.V.E. BlogPatrol...thanks to Jen @ Cheaper Than Therapy for the tip to this goldmine.  It's super fun to check stats...see who's on your blog, what days, what pages, how they got there and more fun stuff.  Anyways, I've seen this kind of post on other blogs and thought it'd be fun to see the searches done to wind up on my lil ol' blog.  Here we go... 

  • Just another day in paradise... Wonderful world, beautiful people...
Aww, now this one is sweet~ it sure is a wonderful world with wonderful people!  Do you hear Louie singing in the background???!
  • sistas in the hood
Wow, be careful what you title your posts, people!  Um, and yes I uh, sorta try to gangsta talk to be funny.
  • MicahMag
This is the brother of our sweet friends...you can go to Care Pages to read more about Micah Magnusson's journey!  You might need to create a login but then look up MicahMag 's page.  Or you can read the beginning of Micah's story on my blog here.  
  • idol david archuetta
I don't know WHY you would end up here...um, sorry I voted for the other guy, you know the WINNER!  :)  I even did a happy dance when he won...
  • here's potatoe chip factory in PA 
Yes, we did go there for a field trip but may I suggest using Spell Check when you search?!
  • cavernoma living with it forever 
Oh my gracious, I have no clue what that is...or if I have it but now that you mention it...I'm a bit worried.
  • "challenges don't build character, they reveal it" 
That's right!  Preach it...I think that was actually a quote from can you even believe it Paula Abdul from an episode of American Idol.
  • enjoytheride4
You found me!!!  :)
  • yet another day in paradise proverb
Hmm, did know it was a proverb...then again, I am rather deep.
  • song name it's just a another day you living in paradis 
You guessed it!  It's the song sung by Phil Vassar where I got my title from.  

Here's his YouTube video of it...or press the play button and listen to it right hea' ~

Just Another Day In Paradise - Phil Vassar


Dawn said...

Thanks for the Blog Patrol tip. I had never heard of them before. :-)

The Mom said...

Thanks for the link love and don't you LOVE IT! BP is the coolest! I'm a little weary of cavernoma too!

R.L.Scovens said...

I'm gonna have to check out blog patrol too! Great info!

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