June 04, 2007


Micah Magnusson
We have a prayer request that we would ask y'all to join in with us in praying for Micah (brother-in-law of Joel's best friend). He is/was a senior in high school with his graduation being this past weekend. I have an email from his sister, Kara, who is Joel's friend's wife. These are dear friends of ours and so our hearts ache with them during this difficult time. Please read the email and I'll keep you posted...please bring this dear family and this young man before God's throne of complete grace!
If you would like to send a note or get updates directly...Kara has set up a webpage for updates on Micah and to allow anyone to post notes, etc. You can find it at CarePages, you will need to set up a username/password. When you get set up, look for the CarePage name "MicahMag" for Micah Magnusson.

May 30, 2007 at 12:08 PM
Yesterday, at a little before noon Micah came home from school. He had rode his bike that day and came into the kitchen complaining about a headache. We thought he may just be dehydrated or be overheated and gave him some water to drink. He was still smiling at this point and excited about all the Taco Bell decorations we had hung for his open house. I took a picture of him with the shirt he made to advertise his open house. Shortly after that my mom told him maybe he should lay down as his headache continued to worsen. He lay on the couch with a wet cloth on his head and my mom called my dad in as she started to realize something was really wrong. In the time it took for my dad to come in the house, Micah had started vomiting and was starting to become disoriented. My parents decided they needed to take him into the ER and figured they could get him there faster than an ambulance. We half carried him to the van and they got a little down Haslett Rd, when my mom said he was getting worse. His speach was starting to slur and his headache and vomiting continued. My dad pulled into the Fire Department and they loaded him into an ambulance. My mom rode with them in the ambulance and my dad followed in the car. In the ambulance he contintued to become less and less responsive until finally the paramedics had to intubate him(put a tube in to help him breath). Once in the hospital they rushed him into a Cat scan and found that he had bleading on both sides of his brain. The neurosurgeon is Dr. Abood and is one of the best in the area.
They prepped him for surgery and he went in at about 2:00. The surgery went well; they were able to drain the blood from his brain and also remove the blood clot that was there. After surgery and further testing it was determined that Micah has Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). AVM is an abnormal cluster of blood vessels in the brain or spine that can cause neurological symptoms. There is no specific cause for most AVMs and it is believed that most people who have AVMS are born with them. The danger comes when they hemorage and cause bleading, especially when they are located within the brain. Micah's AVM is located on the lower portion of his brain which is easier to opperate on.

Throughout the last 24 hours we have seen God's hand at work throughout this entire nightmare. Everything that could have gone well has. Micah never went without oxygen and they were able to catch the bleeding very quickly. Because of the pressure that the blood caused on his brain, however he is still in a sedated state and we won't know the full extent of what happened to his brain until he wakes up. The prayer for today is that his brain will continue to heal and there will be no permanate damage.

So far he has moved a foot and sqeezed 3 people's hands. When the nurse pinched him near his armpit he moved his shoulder in protest. The is HUGE Great news so early in the day. He will probably be in the ICU for at least a week.

We are continueing to trust and praise God and know that He is still GOOD!
Thank you for all your prayers and support. They have upheld and strengthend the entire family. My brother Josiah and my husband Micah are flying in the afternoon and we are thankful the arrangements for their travel went smooth. Luke is being a rock he has been here all night praying and reading the bible with some of Micah's friends. My mom and dad are holding up and are feeling better after seeing Micah respond. Nate is at school and we are trying to keep his schedule as normal as possible. He knows Micah had surgery and he is still asleep so he can get better. I can't believe my little brother just had brain surgery, but am holding up.
Thanks again for your prayers and support.
THIS IS AN EMAIL from TODAY from Micah's dad, Dale:
June 04, 2007 at 10:10 AM

"Let not your hearts be troubled, believe in God, Believe also in ME" John 14:1

This was the passage that came to my mind this morning. I have gone to it many times already. It is 9:40 AM Each day we learn a little more. The Drs. told us that the MRI did not indicated that he had an AVM as first thought, rather a cavernous hemangioma, we are trying to learn what this is. Our biggest request is that the masssive swelling in his brain will quickly subside, there will be little change without this happening. The problem is large, "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of All flesh; is anything to difficult for Me?" Jer 32:27 Today LORD we ask for God sized events to take place in Micah's flesh. We are asking YOU to reduce the swelling in His brain quickly and throughly. Thank you that the problem is big and outside of human control. Our eyes are on You.

Fixing our Eyes on Him,


Today we are fasting praying for Micah from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. The hospital has agreed to open up the Audiotorium (sp?) from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm for us to gather for pizza and prayer.
Thanks y'all, we appreciate so much your prayers on Micah's behalf!! God is good and we cling to Him despite what circumstances look like. ~Kate

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