July 21, 2008

100 Things About Me

I'm the cute one...ahem, the baby that my sister was sooo excited about! ;)

Everything you ever wanted to know about me...and some things you wish you didn't know! :D

  1. First thing you should know is Jesus Christ is my life!
  2. My relationships with God, my family and my friends are the most important things to me.
  3. I grew up in a loving and Godly home...my parents totally rock!
  4. My dad is my hero and my mom is one of my best friends.
  5. I don't know where I'd be without them.
  6. When I was 5, a neighbor made me a stuffed blue and white checked elephant.
  7. I slept with "Ele" every.single.night.
  8. It was reeeally bad when I couldn't find Ele...I still have Ele.
  9. Elephants are my favorite animal...did you know they have no enemies?
  10. I was scared of the dark when I was little...I still don't care for it.
  11. My dad told me to "not to think about the purple elephant with pink polka dots" to help take my mind off my fears...I told you he is my hero.
  12. When I was little I fully believed my Dad could fix anything...I still do!
  13. If offered a choice to play outside or help mom in the kitchen...I went outside.
  14. Maybe that's why I wasn't such a great cook when I got married?
  15. My sister and I are 3 years apart.
  16. She and I had a blast growing up together...except for when she bossed me.
  17. Firstborns are bossy.
  18. I'm a second born and 2nd borns are perfect!
  19. Anyways, my sister and I got along great til she got into middle school.
  20. My mom home schooled my sister and I when we were in 6th and 9th grades.
  21. My mom is a saint.
  22. I'm proud to be home schooled.
  23. Because we were together 24/7 my sis and I became best friends...we still are!
  24. I graduated a year early from home school...yeah, cause I'm that smart!!
  25. My first job after high school was a food server at a Retirement Home.
  26. I really liked 'old people'...I still do!
  27. I went to Bible School in MI when I was 17...being the 2nd youngest in the school.
  28. I loved Bible School...it was some of the best years of my life!
  29. I met my wonderful husband there.
  30. I didn't like my husband at first...I changed my mind.
  31. My husband was the first and last guy I ever dated.
  32. He is my very best friend and I love him to pieces!!
  33. We got married when I was 20 years old.
  34. Our wedding day was the BEST day of my life!
  35. We've been married 9 years this month (July).
  36. We went to Tennessee for our honeymoon, it was a surprise.
  37. He rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains and it was beautiful, I'd love to go back.
  38. We lived in a tiny little apartment in a crime ridden town our 1st year of marriage.
  39. We were married 2 years when our son was born...in Ontario, Canada.
  40. My OB's name was Dr. Stretch...something's wrong with that.
  41. Breastfeeding did not come naturally to me...I struggled with that.
  42. Chloe was born 2 years after Alex and she was like a quiet little mouse.
  43. Having a boy and a girl is having the best of both worlds, I wouldn't trade it for anything!
  44. I love being a mom, it's the best thing I've ever done.
  45. Being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done.
  46. We moved overseas to Papua New Guinea when the kids were 3 and 1 year old.
  47. I'm still amazed at that.
  48. Living in Madang, PNG was the best experience of my life!
  49. I believe that God always has a plan...and it is the very best for me.
  50. The year 2006 was filled with heartache.
  51. God has brought me through...hurt, pain, anger, resentment, fear, confusion, bitterness, numbness...to the other side.
  52. I wouldn't trade what God has brought my family through...it's made me who I am today.
  53. God is bigger than my anger.
  54. I've spent too long trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be.
  55. I am passionate about being real.
  56. I talk A.L.O.T. and that's an understatement.
  57. But I hate big groups and take the wall flower position.
  58. I am a people person...and a people pleaser.
  59. I sometimes use humor to hide my insecurities...but I do truly LOVE to LAUGH!
  60. My biggest dreams have already come true...I've done all I've ever wanted to do.
  61. I love the beach and would just die to live nearby one...maybe someday...
  62. I love wearing flip flops and wear them every single summer day.
  63. I love country music and am not ashamed to say it!
  64. I really wish I knew how to line dance...I'd be so there with my cowboy boots on!
  65. I sometimes wonder if we should have another baby...
  66. I wish I could be a surrogate mom for my friend who can't have babies.
  67. I am a night owl...I hate mornings so just give me coffee and let me wake up slowly.
  68. My husband keeps my head on straight...I am not too organized.
  69. I am not a cleaner...I put off making the bed...I hate hanging my clothes up.
  70. I am a fix-it person...I am not okay if someone in my "circle" is not okay.
  71. I am an eternal optimist...the glass is always half full!
  72. Sometimes my stubbornness gets me into trouble.
  73. I fight for what I believe in.
  74. I always believe in other people but have a hard time believing in myself.
  75. I am a worrier...but learning to give that up slowly but surely.
  76. Reading is one of my favorite things to do...I get lost in books.
  77. My fav date night is dinner and a movie.
  78. Girls Nights Out totally rule...when I get to do them!
  79. I am really blessed with great friends...from all chapters of my life.
  80. My 30th birthday is in October.
  81. I really really really don't want to turn 30, I'm just sayin'.
  82. Maybe a party would help??!! :)
  83. My next 30 years is gonna ROCK...hopefully it will include a house of our own and a dog!
  84. I love the south...I so don't fit in up here in the north.
  85. Myrtle Beach, S.C. is the BEST vacation spot ever!!
  86. I LOVE to take pictures...I would love to take a photography class and am drooling over the new Nikon camera that's out.
  87. I really love jewelry...I could receive it as a gift for EVERY occasion and be more than happy!!
  88. I am a good cook and like to cook and try new recipes.
  89. I don't like feet and I believe that ALL toenails should be painted.
  90. If I didn't get my eyebrows waxed I'd have a uni-brow...Chloe is in the same boat.
  91. Hi, my name is Kari and I watch tv reality shows.
  92. My mom's nickname for me is Kate...my husband and sister call me Kar.
  93. I sorta kinda would like to get a tattoo...but then maybe not.
  94. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke but like the smell of a pipe.
  95. I love wearing tank tops.
  96. I am addicted to blogging...
  97. I still eat kid cereal.
  98. I have a tendency to think the speed limit is just a suggestion.
  99. I like to listen to my music loud!
  100. I am terrible at condensing and I ramble...can you tell??


Sharon said...

OMG -- that was quite a list! I learned so much about you!! I would have trouble coming up with 100 things ..... BTW, I was wondering about the "Kate vs. Kari" thing, as I've seen both names used on your blog referring to yourself! You're adorable, friend. Hugs from Kansas!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Wow! So much stuff to learn. I don't know if I'm brave enough to do a meme like this - I'd probably share waaaaaay too much :)

On another note: Chloe looks just like your sister! How cool is that?! My second son looks just like my little brother and his little girl looks like my two middle ones :) Love that family connectedness.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Your 100 list is awesome. I learned so much more about you! I can't wait till we get together in a few weeks.

Jen said...

I love reading these 100 lists. I can totally relate to the cleaning, not liking big groups, and being a night owl. As far as turning 30, I planned a fun trip for just hubby and me. It made me actually look forward to my bday.

Jenna said...

Chloe looks EXACTLY like you as a child!!!I had to look at the photo several times!!!

TheRagan3 said...

funny I thought Chloe looked liked me in the pic taken by the pool last weekend too! I have to say there are too many things to comment on in this post... very few I couldn't have told you myself. I do have to object to the first born comments however! How Rude!! :)
I still love you.. don'r worry!

Sarah said...

I love #31. It's so romantic!

Kelsey S said...

WOW awesome list!


Gilpatriclife said...

Chloe does look like a younger Erinn. How crazy.
Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. It has been such a joy to get to know you better this year.

GoteeMan said...

wow... sounds like you have an incredible life so far.... and hey, 30 ain't so bad (especially since I am looking at the big 40 in November)... and I still like my music pumpin' and loud...
what? can't hear ya...
but having a good time with life, and yeah, relationships (God, family and friends) are tops...

Great post -

Jenna said...

I misread the photo, chloe looks just like your sister!:)

Melissa said...

Hey, Love your blog! So inspiring! Thanks for adding me on adoptics. Reading more about you and your family.

Andrea said...

Long time no read Kari!!
What a great and inspiring list!
You make me smile!!

girlymama said...

GREAT list!!
I could have written lots of those myself ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I'm here from iheartfaces.com and I have to say when I saw the hibiscus, I thought, "Hawaii!" Then I read your bio and I loved it because 1) Jesus is first in my life 2) Elephants are my favorite animal, really! 3) I have a girl and a boy 4)I don't make my bed 5) I'm addicted to blogging and photography (but then again who isn't?) 6) I could go on but I won't.
Funny thing this internet. Please post more pictures of the beach and I'll come by more often, I live in Maryland now but my heart is in Hawaii where we moved from.

Debbie said...

After all this time following your blog, I never read this one. I'm so glad I did!!! I love you even more.

I love country music too! And reality shows and cooking and photography and blogging. You're very fortunate to have grown up in a godly home. The beach is great but I sunburn easily. One day, I'm sure you'll get your own house. You're still young, believe me.

Kari, I always enjoy reading your posts. You're a delight to get to know. Keep blogging!

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