July 16, 2008

Florida Fiesta pt. 3

Our 4th of July was wicked fun this year!  We visited the Springs nearby our friends, it was beautiful and HOT.  :)  The kids loved the playground and exploring...and looking for ALLIGATORS not on my list of must-do's.  It was another great Florida day spent with friends.  :)  

The closest I was going to get to a smile from my boy...

My sweet little Monkey!

Joel and our cherubs with our good friends...all together having fun!  :)

my best friend...

ooooh, niiice now they tell us...gulp!

This is so very typical of their relationship...best friends since age 6, 
together these 2 are hysterical!!!  :D

Aren't they the cutest??  Expecting Baby #1 in September...
coming down the home streeetch Mama!!  :)

And what a Finale...a perfect ending to a perfect day!
palm trees and fireworks


R.L.Scovens said...

Great looking family! Did you actually see any alligators?!

The Mom said...

The second pic of your daughter is amazing, those eyes!!

Jaci Spain said...

Choe's eyes are SO beautiful in that second picture! Wow!

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