July 14, 2008

Florida Fiesta pt. 2

The photo extravaganza continues with MORE pictures for your viewing enjoyment!  I have a terrible time picking and choosing so here are a bunch of my favs from our day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom...a day full of wonderful memories none of us will soon forget!  A HUGE thank you to Micah and Kara...we love you guys!!!!  xoxo

On the tram heading in...we were all soooo excited!!  :D

The first stop we made was to get Autograph Books for the kids...

Pluto was waiting for us inside the main gate...

They were soo excited to meet Pluto!!  :)

Downtown Disney...the street was packed and the view was awesome!

I love this pict...

There are photographers all over the park who will take your picture and then you can view them online with a photopass card.

It is definitely as breathtaking in person as it is in photos!

This picture was SO WORTH the wait!!!  :)
I'm totally framing this one for Chloe's wall!

The TeaCup ride, Joel decided he'd skip it and take picts for me!

Race Cars...we both let the kids drive and even though we had whiplash it was so FUN!!

Chloe was THRILLED they gave her her OWN license!!  
Lookout world...

The Buzz LightYear ride...totally worth the standing in line...

Chloe and I were in the same car, we were blasting the targets like mad!

Joel and Alex were a team God bless Joel for carrying my bag...
but I have to say that Chloe and I beat the boys by ONE POINT sorry babe.

The shot makes me laugh...

So does this one...ha ha ha!!  So cute!

Fixing to go into Mickey's Philharmonic 3D movie

Don't ya love their glasses??  
Stylin' baby!

Alex's fav ride...

It's stinkin hard to get a self-portrait of FOUR of us!

Doesn't he look REAL??!


Aladdin's Carpet ride...so fun!

Joel really liked this ride...and making Chloe and I squeal when he tilted us up and down!!

The shows at the Castle were really cool!

Chloe LOVED seeing all the Princesses!

Mickey and Minnie were soo cute!

Let me just tell you that we were NOT leaving the park without meeting these 2 and getting their autographs...50 minutes later we finally got there!

Yay!!  We made it...the kids were soo happy!

Then we snuck in and got our picture with them too!
This one is going in a frame too...

The BarnStormer roller coaster ride...
after Thunder Mountain Alex decided that roller coasters weren't for him like his father

Chloe was my roller coaster buddy!  We had a blast!  :)

And Chloe made a visit to Minnie's house...so cute!

It was an absolutely wonderful day of fun and laughter together!

We will never forget our time in Disney World!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Disney World is one of my favorite places! So glad you had such a good time. Your pictures are wonderful!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

There is nothing better than Disney World pictures. Zoe sat right next to me to look at all of them. She was jealous of the Cinderella picture! I am hoping we can make it back in the spring. Your pictures make me miss Disney!!

Jaci Spain said...

GREAT pictures Kar. Looks like ya'll had so much fun!

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