March 03, 2010

American Idol Top 10 Girls

Top 10 Girls

Crystal Bowerox - "Long As I Can See Light" - Coming back from a hospital visit, Crystal takes the stage like a pro. She is earthy and just a natural. This had to be one of her best performances in my opinion...very glad she's in this competition!

Haeley Vaughn - "The Climb" - Whoot for the country girl!! She looked totally cute tonight and I love that she can't stop smiling. I get why she picked this song but this was a little rough, a bit flat/pitchy in a few places.

Lacey Brown - "Kiss Me" - Man, she's so sparkly and cute. This was a good song for her but it just was a bit flat in parts. She looked like she was a bit more comfortable and enjoyed herself. I'm hoping she locks in soon though.

Katie Stevens - "Put Your Records On" - This was a fun little song for her to sing. Not sure this was her sweet spot. But man, she's 17 and has loads of potential for sure.

Didi Benami - "Lean On Me" - Aw, I just love her. She's got such a sweet spirit and great personality. I thought this was a great effort but overall hmm... Poor thing.

Michelle Delamor - "Arms Wide Open" - I really really like this song but it did not work for her. Like I kept waiting for it to take off and really hit the mark but it never did. Ugh.

Lily Scott - "Change Is Gonna Come" - She is def one of the 'believable' Idols. I loved this performance, she sounded great with the guitar etc. Very nice. (hi, Vera Wang in the audience?!!)

Katelyn Epperly - "The Scientist" - Wow, this was my fav of her performances. Very sincere and personal. I loved her with the piano but it was kinda slow.

Paige Miles - "Walk Away" - Oh boy. I don't know what's up with the girls but yikes. I just didn't like this. Again, just didn't seem to hit the notes.

Siobhan Magnus - "Think" - What is this girl wearing?? Maybe it's the socks with the heels. Oi vey. This gave me a mixed I didn't like it but then I did a bit. Weird. I wasn't like wow at the end.

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