March 02, 2010

American Idol Top 10 Guys

Top 10 Guys

Michael Lynche - "This is a Man's World" - He def came back with a vengeance tonight, it looked like he really took the judges critiques to heart. I never heard this song before but Wow, this is why I love this guy...he looked great and sounded awesome. Super smooth, super fine. Yes Yes Yes.

John Park - "Gravity" - While last week I was left wondering why this guy was on Idol, this week was a small improvement. I did like his chilled out vibe, sitting on stool thing. But I totally agreed with the judges - this guy is not connecting with the song or the audience. This was just average tonight.

Casey James - "I Don't Wanna Be" - Electric guitar, niiice you go boy! I love this song... He looked like a natural up there. For me the one thing he could have done would be to change it up a bit and make it his own. But I think he'll stick around.

Alex Lambert - "Everybody Knows" - Aww, this guy is wicked sweet!! I'm such a sucker for the acoustic guitar...oh hello. WOW. He knocked this one out of the park. The tone of his voice is AHmazing, love it. This was a huge improvement! He may very well be one of my favs, nice.

Todrick Hall - "What's Love Got to Do With It" - I actually kinda liked this performance. It was different and his own spin so I'm not sure why the judges praise someone for changing it up and then criticize this guy for doing the same thing? What bothers me is that Todrick tends to come off like he's God's gift to music and I don't dig that kind of attitude. So I am not a big fan, sorry.

Jermaine Sellers - "What's Going On" - What is on the top of his head??!! And a bow tie?!! Come stinkin' on dude. I didn't like this at all. The end.

Andrew Garcia - "You Give Me Something" - It's hard when you have no clue what the song is. I really really love this guy and he's still one of my favs...but I'm not crazy about this performance. He's got IT in there though!

Aaron Kelly - "My Girl" - Too stinkin' cute. I'm not totally sure why he'd pick this song, a little overused in my opinion. He tried his best to spin it a little, putting his own stamp on it. His vocals are pure and smooth, very nice. Next week, let's hope for some better song choices!

Tim Urban - "Come On Get Higher" - Hmm. Again, LOVE the guitar and love the song! This was much better than last week. He's got a nice voice but I just don't think he's Idol material. I feel kinda bad for him but he's struggling here.

Lee Dewyze - "Lips of an Angel" - This is totally his niche, perfect song choice for him. Yah, it was pitchy but I liked it. Waiting for this guy to bring it...own it.


takemetomaui said...

Hi! Found you from Boomama's blog....looks like we have the same opinions on the Idol boys. And I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog more - what I've seen so far I like :)


Joyce said...

I hopped over from BooMama...

Jermaine can go. Why do they think we like attitude? Todrick too. And John Park-he's been boring so far.

I love Andrew Garcia's voice-really hoping he stays and gets the song choice right next week.

Beth said...

I agree. I'm ready to let go of John and definitely a Lee Fan. Lee and Michael are my favorites. I'm also rooting for Tim. I have a soft spot for underdogs.

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