February 07, 2009



Maybe I'm a little behind, but my husband and I just watched the movie Fireproof this past week.  Wow, can I just say WOW?!  It is hands down the best movie I have seen for a long time, y'all.  We laughed and cried...ok, I cried and was so gosh, convicted? if that's the right word.  Like a big bonk on the forehead.  My husband felt the same way.  So much so that he got online and bought the movie AND the book!  Yep, I'd say it made an impression on both of us.  Fireproof is right up there with Facing the Giants put on by the same church and has the same fine quality of acting, directing and filming.  A job well done!!!  You can click the button to find out more but seriously, if you haven't seen this movie GO RENT it or BUY it and WATCH it this weekend!  You won't be sorry, I promise!!


Stephanie said...

This one is in our Netflix queue, but apparently a lot of people want to see it because the "status" of the DVD simply says, "Long Wait."

We've heard only positive things about the film so my husband and I are really looking forward to watching it...

The Gang's Momma said...

We watched it recently too. While I don't believe it's the most well-crafted movie I've ever seen, the impact was enormous. We really enjoyed it. I wager that the impact of it is what prompted my cutie pie hubby to start an "I love my wife" group on Facebook. Too cute!

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