October 14, 2008

A Book Review

Now, 'Sunset' by Karen Kingsbury was not on my original list...but what's a good reading list without a book by KK I ask you??! She is my absolute fav and I was delighted to discover that my copy of this book was finally in at the library, gosh I love that place!!

Right, so this book completes *boohoo* the Baxter Family series with a beautiful finish that is so characteristic of KK.  If you have not already read the first 2 series that follow this beloved family...well, WHAT are you waiting for??  Check out the Redemption and Firstborn series and then read this Sunrise series...it is SOO worth your time.  Seriously, the best series I have ever ever read.  I am only sad that the series has come to a close.

Ok, on to the review...Sunset totally gets 20 out of 10, yes it's that good.  Of course, you really need to read these books in order to get the full story of the characters.  I laughed and cried through each of these books and Sunset is no different.  I just love the realness with which Karen weaves the lives of her characters.  They go through hard times just like we do in real life...like death, separation, hurt, pain, loss...it is by no means a depiction of a rosy world with fake people and fake circumstances.  Karen is skillful in the way she ties in Scripture and faith in God as the bedrock of the Baxter family.  It is a truly remarkable story of a family that lives, laughs and loves together all the while depending on God for all they need.

When I finished this book, I was left with a truly satisfied and encouraged heart...you just can't always say that about a book!  :)  So, definitely pick up this series and read to your heart's content!!!  


Gilpatriclife said...

Thanks for reviewing this. I think I have the entire series, so maybe now I will dive in with both feet with this series. I love Karen Kingsbury anyway.

TheRagan3 said...

LOVE this book and the whole entire series. I am hoping that she will pick up with the Flannigan family in another series.

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