October 14, 2008

A Book Review

This fall season has been great for reading so far, despite my time spent working...I know, right!  Billie Letts 'Shoot the Moon' is my most recent finished book. It was the one I got out on audiobook from the library...what a stroke of genius!!  :)  My hours in the car are proving quite fruitful.
Ok, so I checked this book out because Billie Letts is also the author of 'Where the Heart Is'.  It is an intriguing read, a tale of a mother's love, a mysterious murder, a long lost child, the bond of family and the quaint charms of a small town.  Although this book did not grip me and I would not highly recommend it, Shoot the Moon did hold my attention and had me wondering "who done it?". There are a few *choice* words in it so reader beware.  
Overall, I give Shoot the Moon a 6 out of 10.


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