October 14, 2008

Appointment update

Thanks y'all so much for your sweet words and prayers for Chloe and the appointment she had on Friday!  You don't know how much it meant that so many would stop by and leave a note...it was a huge encouragement and I could so feel God's strength and peace that day.

We met with the Orthopedic surgeon who first operated on Chloe in 2006.  They took an x-ray and upon reviewing it and examination of Chloe's leg, it was determined that she is experiencing a bone spike.  Basically, the growth plate at her knee is intact and so the bone will continue to grow.  What is happening now is that there is a thin, curved and sharp protrusion at the end of the bone that is causing Chloe pain.  They had warned us from the beginning that this would be a possibility and it seems that this is now reality for our girl.  The Dr. assured us that this was not an emergency but seeing as how Chloe is super tough and never complains normally...when she complains of pain with her leg, we take her seriously.  Honestly, there is no way I can stand to watch her limp in pain or ask to take her leg off because of pain for another several months. 

So where does all that mean?  Well, it means another surgery for Chloe.  They will need to go in and remove part of the end of the bone.  This will allow plenty of soft tissue to once again surround the bone and relive any discomfort.  It will be an overnight in the hospital and Lord willing only a 2-3 week recovery period.  Chloe will have a cast on and she'll be out of her leg during her recovery and will be out of school too.

The Dr. suggested that we pick a date that we felt would be good timing for this surgery to be done.  Joel and I are feeling that it should be done soon as we continue to hear her and watch her be uncomfortable.  We sure would appreciate your prayers, pray for wisdom for us in this decision and the words to speak to Chloe so that she will understand what is going on and not be afraid.  And of course, wisdom for the Dr. as well.

Thanks so much!!  :)

My sweet Mama is such a great support...she joined us at the appointment!  :)


Jaci Spain said...

Poor little Chloe! I will definitely be praying for her. Please keep us updated!

Jenna said...

Stay strong, This is just another bump in the road on this journey. Give that girl a big hug for us!

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your little Chloe has to have surgery. I'll be praying for her.

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Gilpatriclife said...

Your entire family is on my prayer list till she is back on her feet again. I know that the Lord will guide you through these next few weeks and give you peace. Keep us posted on the progress.
Many hugs for you all from NC.

Garden Girl said...

Chloe amazes me Kar. She is indomitable! To hear of her having pain is so sad. I know you and Joel are making the perfect decision about the surgery.
Certainly will keep you all in our prayers.
Love you bunches sweetie,

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I agree that if Chloe is complaining that the sooner the better to make her feel better. I am sure you will be just fine helping her with school at home. Hang in there and we are all praying. Keep us posted on when you get your appointment so we can send a goody package!!

Nicole said...

Hope all goes smoothly...glad you are able to set the surgery date yourself. Keep us posted! And happy late bday! ;)

Shannon (muzbeecrazy.com) said...

Your daughter has the sweetest little face! This will all work out and she will be feeling better in no time! I'm keeping you guys in my prayers!

Alicia said...

Since the Lord brought me to your blog on a day you needed prayer, I will continue to pray for your family and your precious daughter.

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