July 14, 2008

You just never know

July 3rd has come and gone...for most it is just another day but for our family it is a day of remembrance. I've thought alot about the fact that it marks the 2nd anniversary of Chloe's accident. Even though I don't like remembering what happened, I think it's important to look back and give thanks to God for how He brought her through one of the most difficult circumstances of her life so far. He also brought us through that dark time and I don't want to miss the opportunity to give thanks for the great things He has done in and through Chloe and how He has brought us out on the other side of grief and sorrow and pain.

This year we spent July 3rd at Disney World...I certainly couldn't think of anything better to do on that day than to do exactly what we did! It was a day of happiness and joy and we spent no time being sad. That perfectly suits Chloe, our ray of sunshine.

We received this email that week and it was with tears running down my face that I read it. You see, it's from a very special person to us...she was a Child Life counselor at Johns Hopkins during Chloe's stay there. She was just a perfect match for Chloe and worked hard to earn Chloe's trust...she was a calm and joyful presence during a difficult time and I know that God used her to encourage our hearts and to be such a great support to us. She is def considered one of our heroes and we will always treasure her friendship. This sweetheart has written us on the date each year since it happened...no one else has done this but her and she can't possibly know how very much it means to all of us. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts...you know who you are! We love you and are so grateful to God for blessing us with your friendship...and we wish you all the best in your new adventures!! :) xoxo

Dear ______,
I am writing you for a request. In honor of today (which I know is a day of memory for your family), I usually write to your Mom to remember how special your family is and the amazing strength you embody. Unfortunately, I have lost her email address. As a result, I was wondering if you could just let them know I am thinking of them. Not a day goes by that I am thankful that Chloe's spirit and determination touched my life. I regularly check Kari's blog and can't believe how big Alex and Chloe have grown. I have left Johns Hopkins Hospital and will start medical school in August. It was children like Chloe that solidified my decision to become a physician. Please send along my well wishes. Thanks so much!


**Let me say this...you just never know the impact you may have on someone's life nor the impact that they might have on yours!

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Genny said...

Wow. What an inspiration you and your family are. Reading this post, and then seeing your great family pictures...God is so good. Thank you for sharing!

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