June 16, 2008

Sprinklers Rock

We LOOOVE Summer!!!!!  

Can ya tell?!  :D

*don't worry about Chloe's leg, I just wrapped it so the sleeve didn't rip in all the fun!*

The kids had a blast with their cousin, Abraham....

This is the look of sheer JOY! 
Aren't cherubs the BEST?!


Jenna said...

Looks like loads of fun!!

Mel said...

Summer pictures rock! There is nothing better than a lawn sprinkler on a nice summer day.

Garden Girl said...

Is that Chloe almost as tall as ALEX???
What a fabulous set of pics! I especially like the last one of Chloe!
What fun they all have playing together!!!

The Mom said...

Spectacular photos!! I love the perspective on the first one!

I have a special treat for you on my blog today!! ;)

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