June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, babe!

Joel with his firstborn son, Alex ~ 2001

Joel with his baby girl, Chloe ~ 2003

Can't let this day go without bragging about my sweet husband, Joel.  I am a picture-a-holic as you can probably tell but I just love looking back at all these old photos.  They hold such a treasury of memories and special times together.  I will never forget the times I told Joel I was expecting and the joy on his face as I told  him the news.  I will never forget the days our cherubs were born and the love that filled Joel's eyes.  It was something knowing Joel as a newly married couple but oh knowing him as a father has been double the joy! 

Joel, today we celebrate the gift of you...I would not trade you for anything.  You are everything we need as a father and as a husband, and so much more.  You are our provider, care-taker, fixer-uper, cleaner-uper, schedule man, snake killer, mr. safety, wrestler champion, laugh leader and HERO!!!  We love you sooo much and are so grateful to God for YOU in our lives!!

Happy Father's Day, baby!!!  xoxo



TheRagan3 said...

we are thankful for the man that God is making Joel to be as well. Grateful that he is on OUR family!

The Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute! Happy Father's day to your hubby!

Stephanie said...

That second photo is especially wonderful. I love how your daughter is looking right up at him!

Genny said...

Aww, how sweet!

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