May 14, 2008

Twisted Silver ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!! :)

So last week I get this AWESOME email from Tina...from TWISTED SILVER (the totally rockin jewelry company that I have often raved about)!! I kid you not. And she said that because I totally GUSHLIKEMAD about their jewelry, they wanted to send me some complimentary pieces for a thank you! HELLO??! To lil ol me?? Do they ROCK or what?!! I was completely blown out of the water by their generosity and HOLYCRAP, even more so now I am their #1 FAN, aren't they blessed!! :) So I am sending out a GI-NORMOUS shoutout to Twisted Silver because they are like Sunshine to the dreary Jewelry Shopper...y'all seriously, if you haven't already go over there and check these guys out!!

Here is what Tina said they were sending me BEFORE it was available to the public...can I say SUHWEEEET?! :)

These are the Lithe Long Earrings...

Two feather light oblongs of silver plated brass, captured by a silver link falls delicately. Unique, interesting and simple! Retail value of $40.

This is the Tre Necklace...

Jangling pleasantly are a trio of antiqued brass, texture-stamped disks for the look and sound of ancient Roman artifacts. Simple, light, and oh so interesting, you'll want to wear it everywhere. Retail value of $50. Online sales release date: 5/27/08.

And THIS y'all is what I received in the mail TODAY did ya see the personal note?...
They are SIMPLYDIVINE and I am so stoked to show them off and tell everyone WHERE I got them from!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to Tina and Twisted Silver for your classic designs and wonderful customer service...y'all totally rock!!!

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