May 08, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's been a while since I've written a Thankful Thursday post...not because I'm not thankful but I don't know, maybe I've struggled a bit to put my heart thoughts into words. But today I am just diving back in because I love writing this kind of post ~ it's such a wonderful reminder of how much I have to be thankful for!

There are so many things on my heart that I am thankful for today...

~ Thank You, Lord for your faithful and enduring love for never let go of me and you never ever give up on me!

~ Thank You, Lord that you have a future filled with hope ready and waiting for me...even when it doesn't seem like it, look like it or feel like it.

~ Thank You, Lord for your provision for me and my family...a steady job for my husband in an arena that he loves! A place to stay with my gracious parents and the many things I am learning about humility and contentment because of our situation. For the tax refund, etc to help pay off the last part of our debt! You always provide what we need, Father at the right time.

~ Thank You, Lord for good friends...old and new...and the encouragement and joy they bring to my heart!

~ Thank You, Lord for good health for my family...I have been so burdened for dear ones in our church and outside who are struggling with health issues. Thank you that right now we don't have to struggle with those issues.

~ Thank You, Lord for a new leg in the making for Chloe and that she will have a spare leg for summer swimming, etc!! :) Thank you that she is doing wonderfully and continues to be the light of our lives!

~ Thank You, Lord for access to so many great resources...the radio, internet, the library, etc...we are such a blessed country!

~ Thank You, Lord for allowing me to take part in Awanas this year and the blessing it has been to minister to those little ones! And thank you for the privilege and freedom to go to church and hear about You and talk about You and worship you in confidence and without fear!

~ Thank You, Lord for the cool little things that have happened lately...a new blog makeover, new jewelry, new books...thank You that You delight in the small things that delight us as well as the big things!!

~ Thank You, Lord for the high calling and blessing it is to be called 'Mom' and to have the best Mom ever that I can look up to and admire and learn from!! You are so good!

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Jen said...

I love the look of you blog! It makes me feel like I'm on vacation. Very pretty!

Denise said...

Welcome back, enjoyed your thankful post.

Denise said...

Welcome back, enjoyed your thankful post sweetie.

Garden Girl said...

Wonderful my dear one! God is good, all the time!
You are one of the things I am thankful for!

Becoming Me said...

These posts are always so uplifting and encouraging. Thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

I just discovered your blog and so enjoyed reading your encouraging words. It lifted my heart -- thanks for sharing.

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