May 07, 2008

What DOESN'T Work For Me

I'm sure we all have know, those irritating things that drive us crazy and we wish we had the solution?! Welcome to What DOESN'T Work for Me addition of WFMW hosted by Shannon. A dream come true...we get to share all the irritating things in our lives and hopefully people leave helpful tips and comments to show some bloggy luv!! hint hint

Without further list...

Dry Scalp ~ No, ladies dry scalp does not work for me! Up until this winter, I have never had this problem area visit my body. Oh yes, I've had others but not this one!! :) I am not sure if Old Man Winter had it in for me or if my body is realizing that it's turning 3-0 this year. But I could sure use some pointers y'all. Out of desperation I am presently trying some shampoo/conditioner with Tea Tree Oil in it...we'll see how that goes! If you have any words of wisdom, give me a shout!

Bras ~ Yes, I am also having issues with bras...what does it take for a girl to find something that fits well, looks nice and for heaven's sake is affordable??!! Currently, my bra type is the Angels Secret Embrace by Victoria's Secret but as we all know, Victoria's prices are not like Target's! So if you have a favorite bra brand/style that you are a fan of...leave me a comment please and thank you!

Swim Suit shopping ~ It's that fun time again, girls. Yay, the season we get to show off our pure white skin and left over winter jiggle...oh the joy I can hardly contain myself. Well, I have a hard time finding a swim suit that I even remotely like. Something that doesn't show too much but something that doesn't seem more fit for Grandma, God rest her soul. We are going to FL for our family vacation this year and I am seriously concerned about my swim suit issue. If you have a swim suit that you love and love to wear...would you tell me about it and where I can find it??


Anonymous said...

Dry scalp - Paul Mitchells Tea Tree Oil Treatment.

Bras - Well, Vicky's is the only one for me. It totally stinks but they work great. I did however get them cheaper on Ebay.

Swim Suit - Try Newport News or They have some smoking hot suits that cover up and stay there oh and don't look like Grandma! ;)

iheartchocolate said...

Bras: Victoria Secret-they have these molded cup ones that are amazing and comfortable. Some have the bubble thing inside to give some lift. BUT price-wise? Last year they had this sale that included my size and brand and they were less than half price! I bought about 6-because we all know they don't last that long.

Swimsuits? HA I will never...BUT I did see some amazing suits in the landsend catalogue-but they are totally too pricey for me.

Girl Fisher said...

I don't have any advice as what to buy in the undergarment department, but I recommend avoiding the Hanes with the no-slip comfort strap (in the commercials with Jennifer Love Hewitt). It's terrible: the straps slip and the underwire snaps. I'm not a Victoria's Secret bra fan. Again, broken wire issues...and the wires sometimes "squeak."

Anonymous said...

They might cost more, but Victoria really knows how to make bras that last. In the long run, I think they are more cost effective because you can wear each one for 2-3 years+. To make them last, NEVER put them in the dryer or wash in hot water. The heat ruins the fabric and the elastic.

Dry scalp: my hair dresser says use the gentlest shampoo you can.

Jen said...

I can't really offer any good advice as all of the things you mentioned don't work for me either. Sorry.

I have heard that the tea tree oil is supposed to great, so I think you are on the right track.

Beth said...

Hey Kari, Costco sells Maidenform bras which remind me of the t-shirt bra VS made reeeeeallllly popular back in the 90's...underwire, smooth cup, soft, works for me! Plus they come in a 3-pack. I get pink, white, and black. If they have matching undies,'re stylin!

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