September 05, 2007

The Gunpowder Kids

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I couldn't bear the thought of the kids being inside the we headed down to the Gunpowder stream near us. It was beautiful and LOTS of scope for the imagination of my two cherubs!! :D

Loving being outdoors and climbing, running, discovering and collecting!

Yeah! All 3 of us...a nice man came by and seeing my struggling to do a self-portrait, offered to take our picture!! :)

Me and my sidekick princess!

My totally adventuresome 1000% BOY...yes, he was on top of that lovely cliff there that was a little too far from the ground for my tastes! What fun my Alex is!! :D


old dog said...

Did Kbug, worm whisperer, ever tell you of the time a friend of hers (old dog) almost killed herself sliding down a rock face at Rock St. Pk?? Thanks for the pix. I pray for your family (Chloe) and keep up with your blog. Just started one myself...which I think inspired garden girl to try...
Thanks for the fun memories

Old Dog

Garden Girl said...

Kari, this is one of my two Oldest friends! Your Mom is the second one of course!
Yeah, I almost killed the OLD DOG at Rocks. We tried to climb the face of the King and Queen seat and got stuck half-way up. It was tougher getting down. I told old dog to slide down this big old hunkin rock and put her feet out to stop on another. Well, she slid alright, and instead of stopping her, the other rock acted like a spring board. Oh MY!!! I thought she was dead! Scared to death I was, yessiree. Took her to my house so I wouldn't get in trouble with HER mom!
And she still talks to me, go figure! Love you!

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