September 05, 2007

First day of FIRST GRADE for Alex!

It's hard to believe that the summer has passed and we are into the school year already! Where did it go? I have a feeling it's like this with cherubs...sigh. Alex was VERY excited for his first day back at school as a BIGTIME First Grader! Whoohoo, we are so proud of our little man. Looking forward to another great school year! :D

Lovely picture! I was soooo exhausted from being up late the night before at the Kenny Chesney concert (picts to come soon!) with mom and Erinn. :)

Chloe was sad to see big brother heading off again...but she is eagerly waiting the day SHE goes to school on the bus! Oh my heart...

Waiting at the bus stop...

Almost all the neighborhood kids at our bus I think there are 11 for the elementary! We are HALF the bus!!! :) Ha!

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Mel said...

He looks so ready to go! I hope everything is off to a great start. Dylan is loving 1st grade so far...oh how time flies!! Have a great school year!

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