June 04, 2007

Thoughts for Today

I received this email today and thought it was so powerful...hope it touches you as well.

The Illusion of Tomorrow

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

My next-door neighbor was a fine man. His friends spoke highly of him. One day, after completing his rounds as an orthopedic surgeon, he went to the cleaners to pick up his laundry. As he stood at the counter, a woman walked in carrying a purse that contained a loaded gun.

She accidentally dropped the purse on the floor, the gun discharged and the bullet hit my neighbor in the head. He died eight hours later. The Lord had called my neighbor home for his day of accounting. He was 41 years old.

Why does it often take something as weighty as death to get our attention? We live daily as though we are immortal, as though we will never die.

So we put off so many important things that really should be done today. I suppose procrastination is as old as death itself. It's interesting to me how we tend to procrastinate on some of the most important decisions and actions of our lives:

Saying words of encouragement, appreciation and love to our mates;

Embracing our children in a hug (regardless of their ages);

Playing with our children;

Writing that letter of appreciation to our parents for all their hard work and labor in raising us right;

Committing our lives fully to Christ as Lord and Savior;

Living for eternity instead of for the moment.

Procrastination moves us steadily, slowly, methodically toward living lives of destruction. Its companions are mediocrity, compromise, laziness, lies, broken vows and promises, escapism and daydreaming.

Solomon knew about procrastination. He places priority on remembering God not on our deathbeds, nor in our middle age, but in our youth. This results in a life that honors God rather than self.

Discuss: What have you been putting off today thinking you could do tomorrow? If you or your mate tend to procrastinate, what can you do to help each other get out of this habit?

Pray: Ask God to teach you to number your days that you may live your life wisely.

Excerpted from "Moments Together for Couples" by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.
Used with permission. Copyright 1995 by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. All rights reserved. To purchase the book, visit -> http://www.familylife.com/1-800-358-6329/detail.asp?id=1170

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