June 03, 2007

OKC Memorial

Me, Karen and Timmy in front of the Survivor Tree...do not ask me what Timmy is doing (he does that to me alot!) :D

I found this really touching...there is a statue of Jesus across the street from the Memorial. He is standing with his back to the Memorial weeping. What more do I need to say?

"And Jesus Wept" is inscribed at the bottom of the statue of Jesus.

Ok, on a lighter note...this is me and Karen at the Canals downtown. I just LOVED seeing her and Timmy again...what a great time we had together!! It is one of the only pictures I took because of dead batteries and a full memory card. I will get some more pictures from my friends. Anyways, I know I put alot of picts on here but I guess they really meant alot to me so I hope they meant something to you too.

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Oregon Criss's said...

What a fun time Friend! And I love all the pics of Karen and Timmy. They were so much fun to be with at NTBI! I bet they are like cheese in that they just get better with the years :)What magnificent memorials. I bet it really makes you stop and be appreciative of every minute we are blessed with here on earth!
Love you!

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