June 03, 2007

OKC Memorial

This is one of the "frames in time"...this one has the time of 9:01 a.m. representing the minute before the bombing. The other frame has 9:03 a.m. representing the minute after the bombing. Lying in between the frames is the Reflecting Pool, which though it is constantly flowing it remains perfectly still.

At this lookout point is the Survivor Tree. This tree was in the parking lot and survived burning pieces of debris, cars blowing up beside it. It's bark is charred black from the devastation it survived. The creators thought it fitting to leave the tree where it stood as a testimony to the world of all it had seen and survived. The inscription around the tree is this..."The spirit of this city and this nation will not be defeated. It's deeply rooted faith sustains us."

The Survivor Wall...inscribed on these granite tablets (the granite was salvaged from the exploded building) are all the names of the people who survived this tradegy.

This is only remaining section of the original building that the creators left standing. The Survivor tablets are hung on this corner section.

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