April 17, 2007

LOVE on Heather Day!! :D

Hi y'all!
I've been asking for prayer for a fellow bloggy sister in the Lord, Heather. Another bloggy sister is "hosting" a Love on Heather Day...you can get details at BooMama's blog and TODAY (the 18th) is the DAY. If you feel the Lord prompting your heart to give...this dear family could sure use lots of prayer support (of course) and lots of financial support! Let's gather round this dear family...we are bonded together in Christ even though we might not ever meet on this earth. What a beautiful picture of faith and love IN ACTION...I think Jesus is smiling real big over this, y'all! :D


Diane said...

....and I can't quit feelin' the joy over this one!


Oregon Criss's said...

Hey Girlie,
I was just thinking about how I missed 'hearing' from you. I hope all is going super well!
Loving Ya Sista!

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