April 16, 2007


Hi, y'all!
I have a little SRT 2007 "amendment" to post today...as I looked through the 2 fiction books I was going to "try out", I found some *choice* words and some *choice* situations in one of the books and I've decided that it's not worth my precious time. The other book, though I've heard good reviews, I'm going to take off anyways. I really have to carve out time to read and if I'm going to make the effort then it won't be on books that don't have a positive effect on my mind or spirit. Again, this is ONLY my opinion...y'all might have read these books and loved them and that's FINE! That's why we're not all cookie-cutter Christians.

So, for MY list I am taking these books off:
The Poisonwood Bible
Gods in Alabama

I have a STACK of books to choose from to replace them with but haven't made my mind up yet! I will post them when I've decided...thank the Lord for LIBRARIES!! :D

Y'all have a blessed day! :-)


Granny said...

Yeah, well I took one off my list this week as well. I had heard SUCH good reviews and reports about Water for Elephants, but I was stunned at one of the scenes (as I listened on my iPod)...there had already been things that were troubling to me and this one clinched it. There's too much great stuff to read for me to spend my time with this. I'm sure there's a good story there, but it's VERY unnecessarily laced with things I don't care to wallow in...

Tammy said...

Good for you for following your heart and changing some things around on your reading list!
I know, for me, I have so little precious time to read that when I do have the chance, I want to also read things that are edifying. I do sometimes read things that are "light" and humorous...but I try to keep even those light reads wholesome or edifying.

As for my list...I actually had to add some this time...much different than last fall, when I just took them off from lack of time! :)

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