February 18, 2007

A surprise visitor from AFAR! :)

What can I say other than HOLY COW?!!! Have you ever been like totally shocked out of your wits by a surprise visit?? Uh, it's crazy! Of course some would say I had it coming to me since I did the same thing to my sister in 2005 (see this). Well, our DEAREST friend, Amy (who is American but moved to England with her family-missionaries- years ago) plotted with my sister to surprise my mom and I. Amy was "scheduled" to visit us in March and just decided to come early! :) We were quite shocked and the effect was wide eyes and open mouths...how FUN is that y'all??! Awesome! Amy is Erinn and my "sister of the heart"...she lived with us for about a year when we were in our teens. My parents consider her another daughter as well. She is DEARLY loved and holds a special place in my heart (despite the fact that she shocked the wits out of me!). We had a lovely 6 days with her...laughter, tears, long talks and sharing of hearts are always on the menu with us. What a fabulous treat!! Thanks, Aimhead for the shocking visit...I love you and can't wait to see you the "next time"!! :)

Kindred Spirits

"bossom friends"

Wow, we were SO color coordinated without even trying!

Needless to say, my kids LOVED Amy...she was voted "playmate of the year"! :)

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theragan3 said...

What fun this was! We must do it again!
Love ya

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