May 29, 2006

Heading home to Maryland, April '04

All of us waiting for my sister, Erinn and her husband, Mike to show up. I told Erinn that we were traveling to Australia for Joel's surgery. She had NO clue we were coming home...I so badly wanted to surprise her. And surprised she was...Alex ran over to her first and she looked at him like he was another kid. Then I came over to her and she burst into sobs, clinging to Mike. It took her several minutes to calm down and actually hug me! It was such a cool memory!! I was happy to really surprise her this time! :)
Alex and Chloe making new friends in the airport, waiting for our flight.

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theragan3 said...

yea REAL fun (for who again??)- I beg to differ. What folks don't know is that I had just had one of the worst days in months and it just sent my poor heart over the edge to see Alex. I am old you know and can only take that ONCE in my lifetime, just remember that! yes you GOT me - but I GOT you too! And it feels GOOD!!!

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