December 08, 2006

Keep on praying please!

Hey y'all!
Here's another update from my friend, Leslie, about her brother, Troy. Please continue to pray for this dear family...for peace, grace, comfort, wisdom, easing of Troy's nausea and pain, clear thinking and a quick and smooth recovery! Pray for the family as they hourly support and love on him...stays in the hospital can be so draining. Pray that the body of Christ where they are will surround and support them in this time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers!!!
I won't send out a daily report, but these first several days are the most crucial as far as recovery. We were told he would be in intensive care for 2 to 3 days, but they moved him to a room tonight...barely 24 hours in the ICU!!!

He is doing really well as far as the Dr's have told us. He feels so miserable, though, because of the nausea and pain. The pain killers make him so sick to his stomach so he has only been taking tylenol, which is not as effective. He is only taking fluids and we tried to force him to eat a cracker, but it hurts so much. We can't really understand if it's his throat or jaw that is the main problem for eating.

They've removed a huge iv that was in his neck and also removed the catheter, so that has allowed for a little less discomfort. We spent every visiting hour rubbing his feet and occasionally would get what we hoped was a satisfactory 'hummm....". He is talking a bit, but it hurts and he is finding that it is sometimes hard for him to think about what he wants to say or do.

The neurologist was in while we were there and did some tests with him such as, "Troy, can you tell me your last name? Can you tell me what this is? (pointed to his watch) What about this part of the watch...(wrist band). Please put your left thumb on your right ear. Please repeat what I say... Mary had a little lamb.." Anyway, you get the idea! :) He did pretty well...he knew it was a watch, but couldn't come up with the wrist band on his own. He was able to answer "yes" when prompted. He had to ask Nikki (his wife) what her name was... she says, "I wasn't offended b/c he remembered we were married! :) " Plus, he calls her 'babe' anyway!!! :) (We'll probably find out later that he really knew, but was giving her a hard time...that would be like his sense of humor...twisted!)

I just got word a couple minutes ago that he finally accepted some morphine and was sleeping peacefully while mom and dad rubbed him! Praise God! He needs some rest! Nikki is going to stay the night with him. What a sweet woman God gave him...she sticks by him through it all, and is so supportive.

Our main requests for specific prayer are for the nausea, the pain, and for his emotional state. The neuro noticed he seemed pretty 'down' and I guess that's normal for after having someone messing around in your brain. They also said they are watching him for possible seizure activity due to the trauma the brain has endured. Please pray he would be spared from that!

Thank you a million times over for your prayers. I can't tell you how much they are felt and appreciated! I am sorry if this update is hard to follow...I am exhausted, but wanted to at least give you some post-op news! The neurologist said we could expect things to get worse before they get better as far as the swelling of the brain causing memory difficulty, speech difficulty, vision problems, and something else that I don't remember. BUT, he told Troy not to let it get him discouraged or frustrated b/c it was not going to stay that way. WE SAY...let's keep praying for a miraculous recovery that leaves the Dr's dumbfounded and in awe!!!

Sorry for any error in this info due to any misunderstanding on my part...but this is the update as we understand it til now! :)

Love you, Les

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