December 08, 2006

A post-op follow up for Chloe

Morning everyone!

Just wanted to post a little update on Chloe. Today we are going for a post-op follow up (a little delayed I know) with the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Arabella Leet, who operated on Chloe in July. This was one appointment that "fell through the cracks" when Chloe was discharged from Johns Hopkins this summer. Just recently, Chloe's physcial therapist, Nancy, asked me if we had ever gone back to see Dr. Leet. Nancy took it upon herself to call and talk to the Dr and Dr. Leet said yes! she wanted to see Chloe. Unfortunately, the Dr doesn't take Chloe's insurance so I asked the secretary to talk to Dr. Leet and explain the situation to see if that would change anything. IT DID!! PTL, Dr. Leet still wants to see Chloe herself!! :)
This is a BIG praise for us and I'll tell ya why...
Needless to say, July 3rd was a horrendous day for us as a family. By the time we got to the hospital and waited for word on how the surgery was going for Chloe...we were emotionally and physically spent! The first Dr. we met was Dr. Leet...this woman I believe was one of God's angels ministering to us that terrible day. She was so sweet and kind to us as she explained what was going on and what they could and couldn't do for Chloe. This woman was amazing! She didn't operate on Chloe the next 2 surgeries but she still checked in on the surgery, came out and asked us if we knew anything and gave us updates on her own!
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Leet again and express our sincere gratefulness for her kindness and care and concern for us and for Chloe in those dark days. Please pray for wisdom for Dr. Leet and for Chloe, that she would be calm and cooperative today at 1:30. THANK YOU prayer warriors for standing with us and behind us!!
We love you,
Kari for us 4

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Oregon Criss's said...

I'm so grateful for your updates on Chloe and on those who have been able to reach out and touch your lives during that horrible time. God sure used Chloes accident to allow me to 'meet' you and take up praying for your ever so precious wee one. Only HE knows all the other small miracles that took place during that trial! We continue to pray for her recovery daily! I love to see answered prayer!
Is it ok for me to ask if Troy is having brain surgery because of illness or accident? Its really none of my business...just curious. We continue to bring him before our Healer knowing that all He does is for His glorified purpose! Give Leslie a hug from us if you get the opportunity!
Have a wonderful evening Friend!

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