December 28, 2006

Fav Christmas Poses 3

Saying was a short but sweet visit with our loved ones! We missed (my sister) Erinn, Mike and little Abraham...but we'll see them soon and have a late celebration with them! In a few days we will enjoy a visit from Joel's parents...and have a fun time celebrating late with them as well!! We are truly blessed!

My FAVORITE present!!! :) My darling husband gave me the gift this Christmas that I have wanted for years...he redid my wedding bands into white gold. I don't wear much yellow gold and when we got married that's what was "in" so that's what we got. Now, Joel wears the titanium one we got when we went to Madang instead of his original band. I've wanted white gold forever and this year, Joel had the Jeweler take out my diamonds and create new rings for me! I was WAY excited to say the least...they are gorgeous!!! :) Thank you, Babe!

A close up... :)


David and Erin James said...

very nice gift, I was wondering what the new rings in the slide show were about. They look great!

Jessica Marie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! What a wonderful gift =)

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