December 28, 2006

Fav Christmas Poses 2

I have a long standing tradition where every year I get my dad 'Turtles' candy...I think it started when I was young and didn't have much $...not much has changed! :) But he LOVES his Turtles and I love him!

My fav Uncle Scott...yes, we love him even though he is a Steelers fan! :)

My Mama...she got the flu this Christmas...poor dear, poor us...everything falls apart without her! She is our center and I love her dearly!

My Pap...he is the smartest man I know! It was hard to see him here this year without my Nanny and I'm sure it was hard for him. I am a blessed grandaughter!!

My great Aunt Hazel...this amazing woman is 95!! I wonder what her secret is?? She is incredible and I hope that if I live that long...I'll be a spitfire like her! :)

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