December 29, 2006

Please pray for Gretchen!

I have come to realize that the perfect cure for dissatisfaction/ungratefulness or a bad case of the "grumbles" is to look around you...look around at the people around you...everyone is going through something, either personally or someone in their family or one of their friends. Any time I am tempted to grumble, I only have to think about the dozens of people who "have it really tough". I am moved to pray for the dear ones that have touched my life in different ways who are walking through the valleys in their lives...I hope you are moved to pray as well. Here is an update from one of my dear "home town" friends, Gretchen Troyer. This sister loves to live in the background...she has her hands in millions of things (like her Mama) but you'd never know it. She only has one speed, like my Alex, and it's HIGH speed! She's going through stuff right now so I'd just ask you to pray for Gretchen as well...add her to the list of dear ones we have been BLESSED to lift before our Father God's throne of Grace!!


Hello All:
As a follow up on my Christmas letter I wanted to up-date you on my medical status. I covet your prayers. I went to the doctors yesterday. The doctor seems to think that I have Chronic Myeloprolific Disorder of which CML is included. However the doctor does not believe that I have CML (which Mom has) because of the preliminary blood work and blood smear. He says that the smear is reactive and based on the fact that my platelet count has been high for quite sometime that she has ET - Essential Thrombocythemia. It is a condition of over production of platelets instead of white blood cells. This is being confirmed by additional tests (FISH, JACK 2 ) as well as having a sonogram done on my spleen on January 3rd . It is in the early stage for which we are thankful. It was discussed they I may have to go on Hydroxyurea. I go back to Dr. Min on January 10 th for test results. We will keep you informed of new information as we get it. At this point the only symptom I have is feeling tired, other than that I feel normal ;) Thank you again for your prayers they are much appreciated. If you do not wish to be informed please let me

Praise God:
-Strep throat that got me to the Doctors
-For Dr. Khosla for being aggressive
-Mom and her support - since she has been through this.
-Family & Friends - prayer, love, and encouragement

Please Pray:
-First of all that God will be glorified.
-Those we meet (Doctors, nurses, technicians, other patients and family members) may see Christ.
-Wisdom for Doctors and myself as decisions are made
-Peace that surpasses all understanding

By God's Grace
For His Glory,
Gretchen :)

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