November 21, 2006

Update on April and family

Here is another update we received from Markleys! Praise the Lord for April's "early discharge" and that they are enjoying sweet time together as a family! Keep on praying!

Dear Friends,

We are overwhelmed with the response we have had from so many of you already! Thank you so much all of you who have written of your love and concern, you have been a comfort and a blessing to us, and we are truly touched by the Lord’s love through you all!
A quick update to let you know that the doctor released April from the hospital a day early. It is so wonderful to be back together as a family again! We took the kids to a park and watched them play as we two just sat and enjoyed being together. We have a follow up appointment with the doctor on Monday, at which time he will give his own stamp of approval (or not) for our family to make the trip back to the states.
For now, we are staying at Tree Tops Lodge in Cairns, Australia.
Thank you again for your love and prayers- it is truly wonderful to be a part of the family of God!

Thankful for the Blessing of You,
Jeremiah for the Markleys

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