November 21, 2006

Abraham's FIRST Birthday!!!! November 1st :)

It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since the birth of our little nephew, Abraham! He is getting to be such a BIG BOY and we are soooo proud of him! :) God has truly blessed this little boy and is growing him up big and strong. We are so blessed to be his Auntie K and Uncle Joel and his cousins just LOVE him to pieces!!!
Our hearts will never forget that there is a little piece of all of us missing and that is Abraham's twin brother, Moses, who passed away one month after they were born. Abraham's birthday is not a time to be sad but to rejoice however, we do long for the day when we will run with the angels with little Moses and love on him with all the love we've wanted to give him here on earth! (for their story you can click back into the archives on April '06..."the story of Abraham and Moses)
We had SUCH a fun time partying with Abraham and my sister, Erinn and her hubby, Mike...and Michael's mom, a.k.a. Grandma Kay was able to come up for the party all the way from GA!! :) It was a special time for all of us!

He is our "angel boy"...a bright spot in our family! And boy can his mama make him laugh!! :)

He LOVED his was everywhere!! It was so fun to be Auntie and just laugh and enjoy the mess he was making! :)

His party theme was Curious George...soo cute, we call him our little monkey!

We got him these cool little blocks that Abe seemed to really was so fun!

Mimi and Gdad got him this little scooter and he was a happy boy! :)


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!! I am so incredibly happy for you that you can be close to your family!!! I came across pics of us from back in good ole Roach! I was remembering the Portuguese live language sessions, the seizure, the laughs, the long talks...I miss you! Thanks for being a friend! Love you and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Les
PS> Am praying for Markley's! Don't know them, but know his parents!

Anonymous said...

that's my boy! So glad you could be there with us. Made it fun for him I know! Thank you for understanding that we needed to make the day about ABRAHAM and not anything else.
We love you!

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