November 20, 2006

Update on April

Hi y'all!

I was able to buy a calling card to call Australia and talk to my friend, April tonite! :) It was SO good to hear her voice! She is doing well and Baby Markley is doing well...they are in fact discharging her as I write this. PTL! :) The Doctors want her to "sit still" for a week and then they'll give some counsel and advice as to what they feel is safe as far as travel for them. Obviously, they long to be home surrounded by their loved ones and family during this waiting time. Please pray for divine wisdom and discernment for the Doctors as they observe April and Baby and for the Markleys as they weigh out their options and make a decision concerning what to do in the next week or so. Please pray that God would continue to provide for their many needs...Australia is a REALLY expensive place to have to "hang out" in. Their expenses are already high with being flown out of the tribe and then flown down to addition to considering plane tickets for 4 people back home to the USA. Pray that they would lean on their Abba Father for guidance and direction and not worry about the finances...He WILL provide for them!! :) We've seen that in our own lives. We love these 4 and soon to be 5 Markleys with all our hearts!! Thank you SO much for keeping them in your prayers!!

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