November 03, 2006

A trip to Beaver, PA :)

Alex had off of school a few days in a row so my mom and I decided we'd take the kids on a little trip to visit my grandfather (Pap), great Aunt Hazel and my Uncle Scott in PA. They are only about 5 hours from us so it's not a big deal but I realized that Alex and Chloe are not used to riding in the car for extended periods of time. Let's just say I LOVED the fact that we had a portable DVD player but even that didn't last the whole trip! :) They did pretty good though, and the trip was SO worth it! With my relatives getting older I've found that I regret not visiting them I take each opportunity when it comes and jump at is too short to be too busy for PEOPLE and especially for family. I've been blessed growing up so close to my relatives. It makes me sad that Alex and Chloe are so far from their grandparents in what do we do? We try to get there when we can or we beg them to come this way! And they are...after Christmas, so we're pretty dang excited about that! Thought y'all might enjoy seeing some picts of our Big Trip!! :)

Alex and Chloe with him love cause he was kinda sick when we were there.

Chloe with Uncle "Soc" not ask me why these two wouldn't smile! :)

Chloe and Alex with Aunt Hazel...she is their great great Aunt...this woman is 94 years old!!! Holy Cow, right?! :)

Me with my Aunt and Pap ready to head back home.

One of the coolest parts of the trip was that in PA the leaves were already in full tilt...they were GORGEOUS...we all know that you can't capture that on film but we tried. It was the prettiest road trip I've taken in fun! :)

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