November 04, 2006

Just because...

Isn't it cool when someone does something for you..."just because"?! I think it's awesome! :) When my two favorite men came home the other day, they had this big beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers for me...just because!! :) It surely made my day, made me smile BIG and I had to give them big HUGS! So the next time you have the idea to do something for someone, just 'cause--DO IT, they'll love ya and think you're the best thing since white sliced bread!! :)

Chloe LOVED the flowers too and wanted her picture taken with them!

They smelled SOOOO good and were the brilliant colors of fall!

My "just because" flowers! I am so blessed...

1 comment:

David and Erin James said...

Those are beautiful!!! What a special treat.

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