October 09, 2006

Not too old to party!! :)

This past Friday night we had an "adults night out" with Joel's brother, Nate and his wife Rachel...we had a blast! They got free tickets through their friend for us to see Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me. It was awesome! I think we get so caught up in being a "grown up" and having to do grown up things, that we forget we can have FUN too! We had so much fun together and enjoying some good music...just wanted to share some pictures with you.

Nate and Rachel...dinner at Hard Rock before concert

Mercy Me...one of my FAVS...they were fantastic! :)

Joel and I at dinner, enjoying good food and good company!

Audio Adrenaline...one of Joel and Nate's long time favs

Phil Wickam...a new guy out of CA


Life full of blessings said...

Wow, sounds like there is lots going on in your lives right now!!! I am so excited that Chloe's cute little leg is coming along :) I love your upbeat attitude in regards to all you have been through Kari, you are a true testimony to God working in and through you!!!
Congrats on Joel entering his training, we had no clue!! I will be sure to fill Edwin in on all the happenings!
You have asked before about our little guy on the way, I am having a C-Section on Nov. 9th...so the countdown begins...we are excited!
In our GREAT God,
Liz for the bunch

J-Wall said...

Hi there - I've been peeking in at your blog for a while and really enjoy seeing what your family is up to. :) Cassandra Kilduff asked me to pray when Chloe had the accident, so it's been especially exciting to see her new leg coming along.

What a fun night that must have been! I had the pleasure of seeing Phil Wickham and MercyMe in concert a while back - all so very talented.

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