October 07, 2006

Chloe's new leg in the making...

Hi y'all!

Just wanted to tell you how Chloe's appointment went on Friday...thanks so much praying! I was a bit worried since she came down with a yucky cough/cold but she did really well, PTL! The socket of her new leg fit great with the exception of it needing a little bit of tweaking at the knee. Mary was really pleased with the fit and how Chloe responded and played with it! Joel was home this week so he was able to go with us to the visit for the first time, it was so cool to have him see how good Chloe is doing! :) Her next appt is in two weeks, Monday the 23rd...she will be taking her FIRST STEPS!!! Prayerfully the entire leg will fit Chloe perfectly and we'll be able to take it home with us. THANK YOU for praying!!!

A very proud Papa! :)

Is it a leg...or an elephant nose??

Chloe's new cute little foot...can't wait to paint her toes! :)

Chloe doing great with the socket on...she has the green liner and a thin sock over top of that then the clear socket. It's just clear so they could check for pressure points. It will be a flesh color and will have no "skin cover" for the first month while she's getting used to walking with her new leg.

Giving the socket a tryout...looking GOOD!!! We're sooo excited!! :)


Oregon Criss's said...

Thank you so much for 'taking us with you' to this appointment! My eyes still swell with tears when I think about all she's been thru and how the Lord has held you all up. I am reminded to never take the things or people in my life for granted! Sweet Chloe...and to get to paint her toe nails soon... what a big girl activity :)
Our prayers are with you everyday!
~debi for the criss's~

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
That's awesome! It's such an encourgement and a blessing to see our Father's hand on you and Chloe each step of the way...Praise God.

And Joel...like the jumper (jacket) =)

Talk to yous later.
With Love,
Jess (& Des)

Grandma said...

Hey sweet girl. Grandma is so proud of you and you are such a brave girl. You are going to look so snazzy in that new foot. Nail polish, too. Wow! Grandpa and I love you so much.

David and Erin James said...

Thanks for the pictures, it is great to see how it all works. We are so thankful for knowing you and being able to see how He takes care of you.

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