October 11, 2006

Happy Fall times!

This past Saturday my mom, sis, nephew and I went to the Darlington Apple Festival...it's in this cute little town of Darlington. We go every year, it's another one of those fun family traditions that us girls have together! I love to go, it brings back lots of happy memories for me. These are the kinds of things I missed so much while I was away. It was cold and rainy this year...but we went anyway and we were so glad we did! We found lots of cool treasures...my mom always gets Erinn and I some little tidbit--this year our find was these cool painted and decorated pumpkins made out of big upside down metal oil filters. What a find!! :) The thing is, even when we don't find something unique...it's just the fact that we're together, enjoying each other's company and laughter and bonding as women. We need each other, desperately...in the good times and the bad, my family is always there for me. Just wanted to share that with you guys and show ya some pictures!! :)

I LOVE self portraits...this one was a challenge with 4 of us, but it turned out so cute!

The town is filled with these cute little white tents with vendors and craft sellers, etc...I would die to live in this town. It's so quaint and quiet and soo country! Maybe one day...

I love this one...Abraham is sooo cute! We are sitting in front of this cool little General/Antique Store...how cute is that??

Abraham getting a good cuddle with Mimi...and keeping warm! It was CHILLY baby!! :)


Life full of blessings said...

I love Fall time, enjoy it!
How are you doing?
We are good, only 3 weeks until baby boy is here, Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Hi There Kari and Family =Þ Just checking in as I have been thinking about you guys. Pray'in for ya. Bye.

In His Grip,

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