October 23, 2006


Hey y'all!
The day is finally here...Chloe has her appointment today to get her NEW FOOT! :) Can you tell we're excited??! She is VERY excited about running and kicking and climbing trees and swimming, although I told her it's too cold to swim now! Ha! My parents are able to go with us today...Alex has school and Joel has work...but we'll make a FUN day of it, we'll take lots of pictures and video and will share them with y'all! If you think of Chloe, just pray for her...pray that her little determined spirit will continue to kick in and that she will take to her new leg well and learn quickly how to walk with it. Thanks so much for all your love and prayers...more later!

Kari for us 4


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how it went today! We pray that Chloe will indeed keep up her 'fighter' spirit and that she will adapt quickly to her new foot! Praying for you all! How's Joel doing in school?
I was beginning to go through 'blog withdrawal'!!! Thanks for giving an update! :)
Love you, Les

Life full of blessings said...

Yeah!!! I love these kind of days, when you recieve new things that you have long waited for!! I hope you did have a special day and enjoyed the special time with grandparents :)
God is so good!
Thanks Kari for all your sweet and encouraging notes to me on my blog...I love this blog thing, it is so fun and such a great way to stay in touch!
Run, jump, and skip Chloe girl!! We are praying for you as you adjust to your new foot!
We love to sing the song "Peter and John went to pray" not sure if that is the official title of the song :) but it is about how Peter was able to tell a lame man to "rise up and walk!" in the name of JESUS!!! We sing this to Ezzy all the time...we know GOD has the power to make him able to walk...just as GOD has the power to help you to walk and run again!! You are HIS precious child Chloe!
Rise UP and WALK,
Liz for the bunch :)

David and Erin James said...

Can't wait to hear all about your day. Thinking of you often....

Oregon Criss's said...

I didn't have time to comment to you yesterday, but I was praying!
Hurray for your sweet baby girl!
Give her hugs and cuddles for us!

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