October 27, 2006

The making of Chloe's new leg!

Hi everyone!

Chloe's appointment with the prosthetist on Monday went really well. Thanks for praying! We were hoping that her leg would be ready to go home with us but it wasn't. Because her leg is so "short", they were unable to use the small piece of metal that attaches the sock to the foot (which allows them to make adjustments as she wears it). So they needed to do one more fitting with Chloe standing in the leg so that they can attach the foot exactly where it needs to be on the bottom of the socket. We were a little disappointed but thankfully at 3 years old, Chloe didn't know the difference! :) But the leg looks GREAT and seems to be a perfect fit, PTL! It will look different from the pictures...if you notice a small round piece of wood and a metal contraption at the bottom of the socket...that is just temporarily necessary that day as they made the adjustments. Sooo, Chloe has another appointment on November 6th to get her new leg! :)

Standing up in her new leg...her knee didn't stay in all the way because the leg was too long because of the extra space of the wooden piece and metal adjuster, which is why her other leg is standing on a few pieces of foam for height.

I think the thing that Chloe found most exciting was the fact that she was wearing TWO SHOES!! :)

Mary said that Chloe was doing great with being interested in the leg and wanting to put it on and take it off herself! The outside of the leg looks pink...that will actually be just the inside of the leg, when finished the outside of the socket will be flesh colored.

Heading into the office to check out Chloe's NEW LEG...we were pretty dang excited!!!! :)

I was soo proud of my Chloe girl, she is such a trooper! God has made her to be the most incredible little girl I know...all praise and honor be to HIM!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!

David and Erin James said...

Yay! So glad it went so great, just hope she gets the leg soon, soooo exciting. Great Job Girls! Chloe is amazing...

David and Erin James said...

You are amazing girls! You must get it from Him! So glad to see the pictures...

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