October 05, 2006

To the Doc To the Doc To the Doc Doc Doc...

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to ask for prayer for Chloe's appointment tomorrow. It's at 11 a.m. and the prosthetist will be seeing how well the new socket of the prosethesis fits her leg. They made the socket from the cast they took of her leg last week. So they will be looking to see if there are any "pressure points" on Chloe's leg where the socket doesn't quite fit perfectly. If you think of Chloe, would you pray that Mary and Mark would have God's wisdom and they fit Chloe...would you pray that Chloe is once again peaceful and cooperative? Thank you SO much, where would we be without you guys lifting us up before the throne of God's abundant grace?! Thank you isn't enough!! We'll let you know how it goes tomorrow...love to you all! :)

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