September 11, 2006

A successful appointment!!

Hi everyone!
Just an update...Chloe's appointment with Mark Hopkins, the prosthetist, on Friday went very well! My mom went with me (she's the best) and we could definitely tell that y'all were praying for us and Chloe. Of course Chloe was a tad bit apprehensive, overall she was very comfortable with Mark and his assistant, Mary. Mark has a 1 year old and Mary has a three year old and I think that REALLY helped them work with Chloe on her level. Everyone in the office was fantastic and one of the nurses gave Chloe the motherload of stickers and markers to occupy her attention! :)
They were able to take all the necessary measurements for the prosthetic, Chloe let them put the measuring tape around her leg!!! This was a HUGE praise and quite the surprise for us. Everything is set to go, they are ordering all the items to make Chloe's new "leg".
Chloe has an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Julie Park) this Thursday at noon and prayerfully she will "release" Chloe, meaning that she has healed to the point where we can begin the prosthetic work. So if you remember, please pray for us on Thursday.
Once Chloe is release from Plastics care, we have an appointment set up already for next week, Wednesday, with Mark and Mary. They will roll a gel/silicone sleeve up and over Chloe's leg. This will be what she wears to protect/pad her leg inside the prosthetic leg. Then they will cast the shape of her leg, the process takes a total of about 10 minutes but they told me that most kids are VERY unhappy about having this done. Please PRAY! These guys at Dankmeyer actually make the prosthetics right there on site which is great for adjustments and quickness of time. Once the leg is made, Chloe will go back several times to learn how to use it and for them to check and make sure that there is no pressure anywhere on the leg or any discomfort. So it very well may be that in about 4 weeks, Chloe will be bringing home her new leg! :) She is very excited about this and we've been talking to her alot about it...she now says to us all the time..."Mama, I'm gonna get a new leg and I am gonna run and kick a ball and climb trees again." Talk about melting my heart. Sigh, we can all hardly wait for that day when our little angel will be "whole" again!
Thanks SOOOOOO much for praying!!!!! You ALL have been such an encouragment and blessing to our hearts. Chloe's story has reached far and wide...the Body of Christ has surrounded us and lifted us up daily, moment by moment. For that we are forever grateful to you all and to our gracious heavenly Father.
Check back for more updates... :) Love you all!!!!

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Awesome News! Yay!

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