September 12, 2006

Feel the LOVE!

Aren't siblings GREAT?!!! :)


David and Erin James said...


Grandma Schmidt said...

Nothing like an outing at the park to get some of that fresh air. I wonder if any of those geese ever visited our lake here in Durham. : ) I love seeing all the pictures you post. Thank you for putting them on the site so that we all can enjoy your sweet twosome.
Love and hugs from Grandma

Kari said...

Hi Mom!!!! :)
Wish you could have been there with us! We would have had SUCH fun!! The kids keep asking me when you are coming back to visit. They LOVED having you here, we ALL did!!! COME BACK! :) We miss you and love you lots!!!

Kari said...

Thanks Erin!!! :)

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