September 08, 2006

Please pray!

Hey y'all!!

I just wanted to put something on here to ask everyone to pray for Chloe today. She has an appointment with Mark Hopkins, a prosthetist and physical therapist. It's at 10 a.m. and we're just praying that Chloe and this guy really hit it off! We'll be seeing Mark a ton and it would be so wonderful if Chloe really liked this guy and it wouldn't be a traumatic visit every time. Today is simply an evaluation appointment, meaning I guess doing alot of paperwork and meeting Mark and just seeing how Chloe is doing, etc. They sometimes do a temporary prosthesis and then work up to a more permanent one depending on how Chloe does. If you know our Chloe then you'd know that NOTHING stops this child and she'll work at something until she does it or finishes it. We've been really talking alot with Chloe about her getting a new she can walk, run, play, kick a ball, climb trees, etc again. She is getting really excited about it as are we and she talks about it now on her own alot!! :) Seriously, I am so eager to see my little girl whole again and see her doing all the things she loves to do and wants to do. I've never experienced this struggle of longing for more for my child. Some of you experience this pain every day and I pray for you, for strength, wisdom, joy and hope! I only know a small part of this pain and it can weigh you down unless you know the ONE who is able to carry all our burdens, ready and willing to take them and to give us peace and joy in the midst of the raging storm. So if you're in that place today, my heart is with you. There are no other words to say.
So thanks y'all for praying for us and for our girl!!! Thank you really isn't enough but I don't know how else to say it. We have SEEN the results of your prayers, we're amazed at Chloe's progress and so are the Drs. Praise the Lord!! Much love to you all! I'll let you know how it goes today.
Have a wonderful day!!


Jessica said...

We will definately lift Chloe and the doctor before the Father.

In His Grip,

Kari said...

Hey Jess!!
Thanks so much for your sweet note and for your prayers! We appreciate them SO much! I just checked out your blogsite...very cool! It's a great idea to keep in touch, especially with you being so far away. It sounds like you're doing good over there and enjoying life as it comes. I'm so happy for you...I meant to write you back replying to your email a little while ago. Thanks for writing!! It meant alot to me to hear from is funny isn't it? Perhaps we can start fresh? Have a great day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to express my sympathy towards you and your family for everything you have encountered these past few months. I cannot even fathom having to go through everything that you have. You all are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Thank God that we have him to pull us through these trials and may you remember that he has promised never to put us through more than we can handle as long as we rely on him. Hopefully the prosthetic doctor's appointment went well and Chloe will be running again before you know it. Please know that we are thinking about you all!!!

God Bless!
Melissa Tuttle and family

Life full of blessings said...

Hi Kari,
I read this post Saturday night and hope all went well at the appointment....Meeting new doctors and specialists is a big thing, especially when you know you will be seeing them a lot, and eventually, becoming "buds" :) I pray all went well for you as the mommy to your sweetie, paperwork and all the calling can be stressful.... :) I love your attitude and your greatful heart for all God has and continues to do...I am right there with you...we never know all God has for us, but in the midst, isn't it peaceful knowing He is in control and He is using people to lift us up through prayer?? :)
Love and prayers for your family,
Liz for the bunch of borbes :)

Kari said...

Hi Melissa!!!
Girl, it's been a while! Thanks so much for your note and kind words. I really appreciated it! Thanks for praying for us, we need all we can get. We've been so encouraged by seeing God at work in Chloe's life and those around us! Hope and pray all is well with you and your little family! Let's talk again.

Kari said...

Hi Liz!
Friend, I know that your heart knows where my heart is at. I'm so thankful to be hooked up with you. You've been such an encouragement to me...thank you!!!
Love to you and yours,

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