September 13, 2006

Prayer request

Hey y'all!!
Just a quick prayer request...tomorrow (Thurs the 14th) Chloe has an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Park). We are praying that this will be her LAST appt with this Dr and that she will "release" Chloe from her care so that we can begin the prosthestic journey. If you think of her, will you pray that Chloe will be calm and cooperative and unafraid. They have been allowing me to undo the dressing myself and to redo it when the Dr is finished examining her leg, so that helps big time! Anyways, just wanted to pop this update on here to let y'all know about this appt. Lord willing, all will go well and next week the prosthetist, Mark Hopkins, will begin the casting of Chloe's leg. I'll let you know!
THANK YOU so much for all your prayers, love and notes of encouragement!! We love you guys and are so humbled by the dear friends and family that God has surrounded us with! :)
Lots of love and thanks,
Kari for us 4


Borbe Bunch said...

Hi Schmidts,
Hope Chloe's appt. went well :)
Ezzy has casts right now...the girls have fun decorating them :) Let me know how it went...

Kari said...

Hi Liz!
Thanks for stopping by...yep, all is good! We're ready to move on with the prosthesis. Hope Ezzy is doing well with his cowboy boots!! Give them all kisses!!!

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