September 13, 2006

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Just so ya know...

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Oregon Criss's said...

I really appreciate it that you let us know how specifically to pray...did things go well for sweet chloe at the appt today? Such a trooper! Kids never cease to amaze me with how well they accept circumstances and move on! -may her sweet determination be an example to us all!

Estelle said...

Hi Kari,
Thought you would be encouraged that I pray for your dear little Chloe and family and do check your blog for updates regularly. My connection to you is round about, one of the joys of the blogging world and of sharing a common Lord and Saviour. My husband and your brother's sister's husband Derek grew up together in Hamilton, Ontario. Dave and I now live in Beautiful BC, Canada, we found out about your daughter's accident through Derek and Sarah's email and blog. We both were moved to pray for your situation from the start and now I enjoy the updates. So be encouraged all across the world people are praying, more than you will ever know this side of heaven. With my love and prayers, Estelle

Kari said...

HEY Debi!!!!
Girl, I cannot find your blog site anymore...I had it in my list of links and then all of a sudden I can't get it to come up. Can you email the link to me? Thanks!!! Yep, Chloe did great! Thank you SO much for praying!!!
Love to you,

Kari said...

Thanks Estelle!
So nice to "meet" you! I know so many people I don't know have heard about Chloe and have prayed for her. The Body of Christ is amazing and such a blessing! Thank you isn't enough to say for your prayers and love for our girl. May God bless you richly!!

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