September 12, 2006

Feeding the ducks at Bynum Park

There's nothing Alex and Chloe like more than doing ANYTHING outside!! :) This day I took them over to a park where there are millions of Canadian Geese and ducks. We picked up a cheap loaf of bread (disregarded the "don't feed the wildlife sign" by accident...oops!) and had a blast being together! There are few outdoor things that Chloe can enjoy with Alex and this happened to be a great choice. I did have to fend off a few over eager ducks but on the whole it was a fantastic day! Alex of course went INTO the water, he's fast, too fast. They loved throwing rocks in the water and pretend fishing. :)

Isn't this one cool??!

This park is pretty special to Joel and I...8 years ago Joel proposed to me after a picnic lunch at this park. :) It was pretty cool walking around and showing my kids this special spot!


Alex thought it was a good idea to just throw the whole piece of bread at the ducks! Ha!!

Chloe loved this outing...nothing stops her. She just scoots on the ground to get to where she wants to go, thankfully she had a tough pair of jean shorts on!! :)

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