September 05, 2006

A rainy school day morning...

We're getting pretty used to the school schedule Alex is on now...but Chloe is still pretty sad when Alex and I leave for the bus stop. This morning was ucky rainy so Alex wore his very cool Redwings jersey Papa bought him! :)

I needed to take a picture of Alex "reading" for school...Chloe popped up and wanted Alex to read to her and so he did...making up his own little story to match the pictures. It doesn't get any better than that does it?!

They were really into it!!

Okay, so Joel and I bumped our heads and got Alex a youth bow and arrow. See ever since Madang Alex has been really into fishing and shooting arrows. My dad made Alex one out of plastic pipe but it didn't last too long and the arrows always broke or got lost. So we decided to try this "real" one out! So far NO ONE has lost an eye!!!!! :) And Alex is one VERY happy camper!


Dian Schmidt said...

Hi Alex and Chloe,
Your picture together reading just made my day. You are such a good brother, Alex, and Chloe I know you love Alex so much. I'll be praying for you, Chloe, as you say good-bye to Alex each morning. I am sure you can have fun with Mama. Love that jersey! You look like Papa, Alex!
Love, Grandma

Oregon Criss's said...

All those pictures are just great!
How fun for Alex! My dad tells us stories of his childhood and his sling shot (he grew up as an MK in Brasil). Good times!
I love reading your posts :) The kids look so much like the both you of you that it just makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

My sweet kids... ReRe LOVES seeing you read together! I'm so glad that you 2 are such good friends. It reminds me of Momma and me. I pray that you will always have that close friendship. There is NOTHING better than being friends with your sister/brother. I can't wait to see you again!
Re Re

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