September 15, 2006

Appointment Day

Hi y'all! :)

Just an update on Chloe's appt with the Plastic Surgeon yesterday...thanks for praying! Dr. Park was totally pleased with the healing progress of Chloe's leg. Dr. Park said her leg looks really good and she released Chloe to continue on with the prosthetic work and physical rehab/therapy. This was really good news! Dr. Park is leaving to work at another hospital in November and wants to see Chloe one more time the end of October. The Dr. was very honest about a couple of future issues that may come up as Chloe begins to work with her new leg. This is something y'all could be praying with us about. One issue may be that as Chloe begins to put pressure on the end of her leg, as she walks with the prosthetic...we may begin to see a problem with the end of her bone. This may call for reshaping of the bone. Like I said this is only a remote possibility but one we need to be in prayer about and be careful to watch for. Another issue may come up with the nerve endings in her leg. Sometimes the nerves bunch into a painful ball and need to be taken care of...again, just something to be in prayer for. We're not out of the woods completely yet but things look good and God has undertaken for Chloe and for us all along the way. He knows all things and we continue to look to HIM as our Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our healer. THANK YOU so much for keeping Chloe in your prayers!!! She was very calm yesterday and pretty spunky! :) We'll update y'all about her appt next Wednesday with the Prosthetist.

Chloe and her funny faces never cease to crack us up!!! :)

My mom (aka "Mimi") has been my sidekick on every appointment with Chloe. I don't know what I'd do without her!!! Here she is occupying Chloe with a giant sticker book (gotta love em) while I undo her dressing.

The appts never get easier...some of you know that firsthand. I tell ya, but God's grace is sufficient in the moment that you need it. As I look back over the past 2 months I cannot fathom how we got through it all BUT GOD! His mercies are new every morning, GREAT is His faithfulness!! Thank you for lifting us up before Him...we have been so blessed and so "covered".

This is Dr. Julie Park with you can tell Chloe is still not a big fan of Dr. Park! :) Can you blame her? Dr. Park and Dr. Duene were the ones who operated on Chloe every surgery. They did a fantastic job and should be truly commended for their excellent work! We were so happy to be at Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the best in the country.

2 Peas in a and my girl

What a joy and delight she is in my life. I am a very very blessed mommy!! :)


Grandma Schmidt said...

I loved the "two peas in a pod" picture. Chloe looks so much like you, Kari. Then I also know who takes after Joel. : )
So good to hear the appointment went well and we will always continue to uphold you to our Father who loves you all so much. The God of Glory never lets us down. What would our lives be without Him. He truly deserves all our praise and adoration.

Oregon Criss's said...

Such beautiful smiles!
Its hard to be on the other side of the US and not give you guys a huge hug! Chloe is such a trooper.
Thanks for finding me again...could I get your email address incase it happens again?
mine is

Love ya Both!

Life full of blessings said...

Hi Kari, thanks for being such an encouragement to me on my blog :)
You are so sweet and SHINE God's power and work in your life. You wrote about looking back over the past two months and being amazed at all that had happened, but firmly KNOWING that you only got through it with GOD, totally the ONLY reason I can rejoice and confidently stand on the promise that God is IN CONTROL and knows what is best for me.
Love ya girl and glad to be connected in the blogworld!
IN HIM....resting and secure,

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